33 BRAKING SYSTEM SYSTÈME DE FREINAGE FAITS A wheel cylinder is a component in a drum brake system. It is located in each wheel and is usually at the top, above the shoes. Its responsibility is to exert force onto the shoes so they can contact the drum and stop the vehicle with friction. What connects these wheel cylinders to the shoes are usually small rods shaped like a bird’s beak. It is very similar to a master cyl- inder and functions in pretty much the same way, consisting of just a simple little plunger on the inside. On older vehicles, these will begin to leak and hinder the performance of the brakes, but are normally inexpensive and easy to replace. The wheel cylinder consists of a cylinder that has two pistons, one on each side. Each piston has a rubber seal and a shaft that connects the piston with a brake shoe. When brake pressure is applied, the pistons are forced out pushing the shoes into contact with the drum. Wheel cylinders must be rebuilt or replaced if they show signs of leaking. FACTS source: www.wikipedia.org Le cylindre de roue est l’élément qui permet de transformer l’énergie hydraulique en énergie mécanique dans un système de freins à tambours sur une voiture. Ce cylindre comprend 2 pistons recouverts par des caches poussière qui viennent actionner les 2 mâchoires de frein pour les mettre en contact avec le tambour. Ce cylindre peut se gripper ou se mettre à fuir. Si du liquide de frein est visible autour ou en touchant au cache poussière, le cylindre de roue est hors-service, il est conseillé de les changer par paires car si l’un est arrivé au bout, l’autre n’est sûrement pas loin ou peut-être pire. source: www.over-blog.com AVAILABLE DISPONIBLE 250 SKUs OVER / PLUS DE WHEEL BRAKE CYLINDERS CYLINDRES DE FREIN DE ROUE