46 INGNITION SYSTEM SYSTÈME D’ALLUMAGE 1. HQ bearings VS LQ bearings Bearings are a part of the alternator which works very hard. It is very important to put a quality bearing using good grease. On the pictures, although not visible, the LQ bearing has some wear after a few months of use. You can feel the inner bearing rubbing as the inside surface isn’t smooth, caused by a low quality grease and metal. Premature failure. 2. HQ regulator VS LQ regulator The LQ regulator pictured did not work for more than 3 months. It has a lot of wear on the brushes and has electronically failed in the field, prematurely. We only use quality approved (field experience) regulators with high density brushes to maximize the life of our units. The electronics are also of higher quality resulting in a durable unit. 3. HQ Stator The stator is one of the two main components producing the output of an alternator. We use high temperature copper wire (180C) vs (155C) and other high graded isolating raw materials which maximize the life of our products. It is often we see low quality parts burn out after only a short period of time as their heat capacity is too low. When under heavy load, they simply don’t last and burn out. 4. HQ Clutch Pulley Clutch pulleys are seen far more often these days. Their ability to absorb the engine backfire or drastic changes in RPM helps the overall vibration of the vehicule and lengthen the life of all components around the alternator (belt tensioner for example). The clutch pulley is however under heavy work load and low quality result in a free spin pulley which no longer locks in any direction, thus no more output. LQ clutch pulleys usually don’t last long averaging a life cycle under the warranty period. By using HQ clutch pulleys, we are confident the alternator will last much longer and cause minimum wear on all other parts related. 1. Roulements HQ vs roulements BQ (basse qualité) Les roulements sont une des composantes qui travaillent le plus dans les alternateurs. Il est important d’utiliser une roulement qui est fabriqué avec une bonne qualité de métal et une bonne graisse. Sur les photos il n’est pas possible de voir le défaut du roulement de basse qualité, mais celui-ci est rainuré à l’intérieur après seulement quelques mois d’utilisation. 2. Régulateur HQ vs régulateur BQ La photo du régulateur (avec rectificateur) nous montre une composante qui a fonction- né très peu de temps avant de brisé. Notre relation avec le milieu des alternateurs nous permets d’utiliser uniquement les marques et modèles approuvés dans l’industrie pour s’assurer une qualité optimale et une durée de vie plus longue sur nos alternateurs. HQ Bearing HQ Regulator LQ Regulator BQ HQ Stator HQ HQ Clutch Pulley / Poulie à roue HQ LQ Bearing BQ OTHERS AUTRES ALTERNATEURS ET DÉMARREURS NEUFS NEW ALTERNATORS & STARTERS ALTERNATEURS ET DÉMARREURS NEUFS NEW ALTERNATORS & STARTERS ALTERNATORS / ALTERNATEURS SEULEMENT DES COMPOSANTS DE HAUTE QUALITÉ WITH ONLY HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS DÉMARREZ EN CONFIANCE! START WITH CONFIDENCE!